Electrical engineering

Your partner for your Drive and Controls Equipments


COGEDIS Drives and Controls offers a variety of Services, Expertise, Dimensioning, Design, Supply, Testing, Supervision, Commissioning and Maintenance.
COGEDIS offers solutions and services in different market segments:
- Petrochemicals, Water, Hoisting
- Cement (fan, conveyor and crusher drives, DCS, etc.)
- Glass (DCS, fan drives, heating drives, roof refractory, lehr, etc.)
- Steel making
- Mines





Variable Speed


Designing, supplying and commissioning variable speed drives
- LV AC variable speed drivesfrom 0.75kW to 2,000kWfor 230V -400V- 690V networks
- HV AC variable speed drives from 1,000kW to 3,000kW for 3 kV - 6.6 kV- 11 kV networks
- CC variable speed drives from 9kW to 1,200kW for 400V and 660V networks




- Designing, programming and commissioning all automation
- Designing, programming and commissioning DCS, ECS & PDCS


HV / LV Distribution


- Dimensioning and Supplying HV and LV Tables
- Dimensioning and Supplying Transformers (HV and LV)
- Supplying and Programming protection (MICOM, SEPAM type)
- Network design
- Selectivity and Short Circuit Study
- Designing and Supplying Harmonic Compensation (Passive or Active Filters)




Customer Support


- Preventive and corrective maintenance for regulators, transformers, cells and HV / LV tables.
- Maintenance and servicing contracts.