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Alignment Control - Laser Alignment


Alignment is an essential part of preventive maintenance.


When machines are correctly aligned, they are less likely to stop working or suffer breakages.
The consequences of poor alignment are:
- anormally loud vibrations
- drop in production
- leaking seals
- poor energy efficiency
- broken shaft bearings
- high levels of clearance and noise at couplings
- increased risk of breakdown

Aligning machines to within the recommended tolerances allows considerable savings in both time and money. Your investment will quickly yield returns because you will save on spare parts and avoid losses in production and energy.


Vibratory Analysis


Analyse-vibratoireThe vibrations produced by a rotating machine transmit the dynamic effort produced by the moving parts.
By analysing the signature of this vibration, the operating condition of the machine can be diagnosed and any faults can be revealed at an early stage.
Vibration analysis is now used widely in industry, where it is a common feature of conditional maintenance strategies.

Vibration analysis allows the following to be diagnosed:
- mis-alignment or imbalance of a transmission shaft
- the condition of gearing bearings
- faulty tightening
- an attachment lug coming detached
- faulty belts
- the condition of fan blades


Thermal Imaging

Detecting resistive faults using infra-red thermal imaging
THERMAL IMAGING is a valuable tool in the preventive maintenance of production tools.
This method allows installations to visualise hot points on site continuously.
Infra-red thermal imaging cameras allow us to visualise what is invisible to the naked eye:
the thermal energy emitted by an object.
The thermal images obtained without any physical contact allow to localize all defaults:

- Faulty tightening, poorly crimped connections
- Insufficient cable dimensions
- Faulty electrical components(fuses, relays, transformers, accumulators, etc.)
- Overheating bearings or rolling bearings due to a lubrication, alignment or balancing problem
- Phase imbalance
- Faulty insulation
- Leaking circuits
- Inspection of industrial processes