Low voltage motors

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Motive LV range


COGEDIS Maintenance & Services sells Motive motors and is certified as Motive local Service Center..


Motive motors are built in compliance with international IEC standards: Dimensions, construction shapes and connections comply with the data set out in the corresponding tables in IEC standards 72-1 and 34-7 (B3, B5, B14, B35, B34).


Three-phase Motive motors in the Delphi range are closed, with external ventilation. The frame is of injected aluminium up to size 132, and cast iron from size 160. The dynamic
balancing of the cage rotor complies with standards IEC34-14 and ISO8821.

All Motive motors are multi-voltage (230/400V or 400/690 V) and multi-frequency (50/60 Hz). Insulation
class F (class H optional), S1* service, IP55 protection (IP56/66 optional).


ABB LV range


COGEDIS Maintenance & Services sells ABB motors and is certified as ABB local Service Center.




DC range motors


Three-Phase - Single-Phase - Continuous Current -Wound Rotor-
Brushless Increased Security - Explosion-Proof - Atex - AC and DC brake - Fan-Servo
Power up to 1,000 kW - Speed: 2, 4, 6 or 8 Pole