Medium and High Voltage Motors & Generators

Your Partner for all your rotating machines


Medium and High Voltage Motors

We deliver all types of Medium and High Voltage motors:
- 3 kV to 11 kV
- Up to 6000 kW
- Squirrel cage or wound rotor
- All types of cooling systems
- Identical reconstruction to ensure complete

Our Service Department provides:
- Spare parts
- Installation & Preventive maintenance
- Repairs / Rewinding

All applications: Motors for Crushers, Fans, Mills

Direct Current Motors

A full range of motors tailored to your needs:
- Up to 1,200 kW
- All modes of cooling (IC06,17, 37)
- Speed control mechanism (Tahy, G.I)
- Interchangeability guaranteed

All applications: Cement works, Roll Mills, etc.






Frame Proof Motors

Explosive Atmosphere (ATEX) Motors
- 160 to 1,600 kW
- Range of explosion-proof motors (zone 1 & 2)
- Range of anti-spark motors (zone 2)







COGEDIS Maintenance & Services will design your Generators for all applications (Diesel, Gas Turbine and Gas):
- From 2 to 70 MVA
- 3 kVto 11 kV
- All types of Protection and Cooling Systems