Centrifugal and Displacement Pumps

Your Partner for all your rotating machines


All pumps for Flow rate up to: 2,500 m3/hr Pressure up to: 35 bar


Cast Iron
Ductile Cast Iron
Stainless Steel
Special Coatings
Composite Materials

Centrifugal Pumps



Mono- and Multicellular - Surface Pump - Immersed
Submersible Chemical Industry and Food Industry ISO compliant

Clean, Cloudy, Waste Water






Displacement Pumps


Internal, External Gear Pairs - Vanes - Lobes
Pneumatic with Diaphragms - Peristaltic - Eccentric Rotor

Turbines, Fans and Vacuum Pumps

Turbines / Blowers / Fans

Contact-free and oil-free compression
Power: 0.25 to 29 kW

Suction capacity: 10 to 2,400 m3/hr
Pressure range: -600 to +1,000 mbar



Vacuum Pumps

Dry Vacuum Pumps, Liquid Ring Pumps, Autonomous
Vacuum Centre
Power: 0.37 to 710 kW

Suction capacity: 2 to 32,000 m3/hr Min.
Suction pressure up to: 33 mbar (absolute)aaaaaa