Maintenance & Repairs

Your Partner for all your rotating machines




We rewind and repair all motors of all power levels, regardless of the brand or origin:
- Medium and low voltage motors (squirrel and wound rotors)
- DC motors
- Single-Phase Motors
- Increased security motors
- Hoisting motors, Vibration motors
- Special, explosion-proof motors
- Generators

Global Maintenance



The company today includes maintenance as the key consideration to ensuring the highest levels of production. We offer our services either on site or in the workshop.

Fields of Maintenance:
- Replacing and assembling plain bearings on MV motors.
- Electronic variable speed drives.
- Industrial and domestic pumps:
. Surface pumps, submersible pumps, lift pumps
. Vacuum Pumps, Turbine Pumps, Fan Pumps.
- Vibration measurements.
- Electrical and mechanical inspections.
- Alignment.
- Thermal imaging.
- On-site Repairs, Interventions and Maintenance.



Mechanical Works


The most common machining operations for:
- Re-bushing flanges
- Grinding bushes and manifolds
- Mechanical reconditioning.
- Reconditioning bearing bushes
- Metallizing
- Constructing mechanical parts to plan
- Hot spot shaft straightening, etc.




Dynamic balancing of all rotating parts on:
- Electrical machine rotors
- Fan turbines
- Pulleys
- Flywheels
- Drums, etc.